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We offer an all inclusive EDM warranty on affordable EDM machines that covers parts and labor. We warranty the entire EDM Machine system, not just the parts that we added or worked on. We also provide a standard labor parts warranty on our fully reconditioned and New EDM machines.

If there is a problem with an EDM machine that develops after the warranty period that we should have caught and corrected, we will repair it under our standard warranty at no cost to the customer.

Additional warranty is available

High Speed Milling Machines

The process of machining using rotary cutters to remove material is known as milling. High Speed Milling Machines are those machines that are well equipped to handle bigger jobs in less time. Milling Machines are very versatile. They can be used with flat surfaces or irregular surfaces too. Some High Speed Milling Machines can drill and cut, as well. Depending on what you need done, you’ll need to research the best EDM machine for you.

EDM Network, Inc. is the company you should call. We have been in business for many years handling all sorts of EDM Machines. We are familiar with the pros and cons of High Speed Milling Machines and we can even show you the ins and outs of how they work. Pick up the phone and call us at 888-289-3367 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be in touch.

Materials for High Speed Milling

Obviously, with the title High Speed Milling Machine, these machines are fast and have lighter cuts compared to other milling machines. Although it seems that heavy cuts are the way to go, we understand that lighter cuts will produce accurate parts faster.

High Speed Milling Machines have a combination of fast movements. It’s important to consider all the components when using milling machines. You have the material type, machining strategy, cutter style and the programming that is used. Material choice seems easy. You’re going to be cutting into metals – steels, aluminum or titanium. If it wasn’t one of these materials, you could simply use a different kind of machine to get your cuts.

Overall, High Speed Milling Machines are great to make precise cuts in your material. If you’re unsure of what exactly you need, just call EDM Network, Inc. and we’ll help walk you through.

The Right Tools

High Speed Milling Machines use a variety of tools. Be sure to check that you’re using the right ones and your machine is balance appropriately to handle the job. Again, if any questions arise, call 888-289-3367 or fill out the form on this page and we will be happy to help you with your new High Speed Milling Machine.