HM6050L Linear Motor High Speed Graphite and Hard Metal Mill with Dust Free Option

HM6050L Linear Motor High Speed Graphite and Hard Metal Mill with Dust Free Option

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The CHMER High Speed Mills can cut both graphite as well as hard metal using their 30,000-50,000 rpm spindles. The spindles are temperature compensated for growth and the large castings are stabilized for accurate cutting at high feed rates. These high-speed mills are available in two sizes: 400 x 300 mm travel and 600 x 500 mm. Both of these are offered in ball screw drives using Panasonic AC servo motors with Fagor glass sales as an option, or with 3-axis CHMER linear motors with Fagor glass scales as standard, for true closed loop positioning accuracy. All of these high-speed mills feature "2000 blocks look-ahead technology" to give optimum cutter loads and efficiency.

For graphite milling, only CHMER offers their "Dust Free Oil Shroud" to remove 100% of the graphite dust and then filter it through 30 micro disposable filters.

These high-speed mills come standard in 3-axis with the Gentec CNC controller (Fanuc emulator on Intel PC), but Seimens and Heidenhein controls are optional, as are 4th and 5th axes. Blum laser diameter and probes are optional. A 16-position ATC is standard, and spindles are HSKE32, 40 and 50 depending on the model. All spindles are cooled to control accuracy.

Large ATC and robotic interfaces are available. Affordable true high-speed milling.

Installation and On-site Training are included.


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
Spindle rpm:3000 - 30000
Spindle taper:HSK E40
Max. loading of table:300 kg / 660 lbs.
Travels (XYZ):500 x 620 x 300 mm / 19.7" x 24.4" x 11.8"
Dist. from table surface to spindle nose:220 - 550 mm / 8.7" - 21.7"