2005 Sodick AQ327L Wire EDM

2005 Sodick AQ327L Wire EDM

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Year:   2005                    Condition:      Refurbished Table Travel:                                   X:      14.6" Machine: Wire Diameter:                          .006 to .012”  (.004 to .012 with optional HP-HT) CNC Power Supply LQ1W: Input Device:                                   3.5” floppy disk, Touch panel, Keyboard Keyboard                                        Standard 101-key, Function key Power Requirements:                             13kVA – 200/220V  4% / 3 phase /  50/60 Hz Control Features: -Editing during machining, multi-editing of two files on one screen -3D graphics drawing during machining -Background graphics drawing -Pitch error compensation -Torque compensation for each axis Dielectric: Machine Features: -       Drop Work Tank Design -       Automatic Wire Threader -       Wire Tip Disposal Unit -       Linear Scales X,Y,U,V


Travels (x y z)370mm x 270mm 250mm