CHMER CNC Z-Axis Linear Motor D322CL

CHMER CNC Z-Axis Linear Motor D322CL

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The Linear Motor Z-Axis D-Series is a compound table design full CNC Sinker EDM available in two models. The Z-axis uses the CHMER linear motor and glass scales with an air assist. The linear motor can reciprocate up to five times faster than a ball screw drive. The X and Y axes used AC servo motors and drives. All three axes use precision Fagor glass scales for true closed loop positioning.

The conversational CNC control offers the unique E-codes which offer 36 canned orbit routines. All the operator needs to do is select the E-code for his orbit, plus select the variable and final size. The E-code will display on the TFT screen and show the real time operation.

Cutting conditions are also conversational by entering the electrode type, workpiece material and the electrode shape. The CNC control will select the cutting technology from rough to final finish settings. These settings are editable and can be saved for the next run under the user library.

Optional 3R or EROWA C-Axis is available on the larger D433CL. Shuttle Automatic Electrode Changers are available on both models.

50-300 amps power supplies and hard metal circuitry are available on both models.

Installation and On-site Training are included.


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
ModelD322CL CNC Z-Axis Linear Motor Sinker EDM
Travels (XYZ):300 x 200 x 250 mm / 11.8" x 7.9" x 9.8"
Work tank size (WxDxH):700 x 500 x 300 mm / 27.5 x 19.7" x 11.8"
Max. workpiece size:720 x 450 x 190 mm / 28.3" x 17.8" x 7.5"
X Y Z axis drive:X Y axis by AC servo motor, Z axis by linear motor
Ram platen to work table:250-500 mm / 9.8" x 19.7"
Max. electrode weight:20 kg / 44 lbs.
Max. work piece weight:300 kg / 660 lbs.
Outside dimensions (WxDxH):1040 x 1470 x 2000 mm / 40.9" x 57.9" x 78.7"
Machine weight:1400 kg / 3080 lbs.
Worktable Size (WxD)500 x 300 mm / 19.7" x 11.8"