Advanced Filters

Sinker EDMs are offered in all three types – Manual models, ZNC models, and full CNC models.


Manual sinkers are offered in four sizes – CM240R, CM380, CM545 and CM640.

ZNC models are offered in four sizes – CM323Z, CM434Z, CM5452 and CM6552. ZNC models include a programmable Z axis that can change cutting technology as it descends through the workpiece to improve the surface finish from rough, to semi finish, to final finish. Also, the optimal Loran orbitor can add the X and Y lateral movement to the Z to allow for increasing the size of the cavity as it descends, plus improve the surface finish on the sides, as well as the bottom of the cavity. Lateral movement is limited to 5 mm in both directions. The Loran is controlled directly from the CHMER controller.

CNC sinkers are offered in many configurations. Ball screw drives, CM323C and CM 1265C, Linear Motor Z drives CD322CL and D433CL, and full 3 axis linear motor drives, A6050L. We also offer very large travel CNC sinkers CM1475C, CM1675C, CM1876C, CM2086C and CM3076C. All of the CNC models can be equipped with optional B axis and AB axis indexers, directly controlled by the CHMER CNC control.”