CHMER RX1063F Flushing Type

CHMER RX1063F Flushing Type

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RX1063F The RX1063F is a large travel wire EDM using precision ball screws, Panasonic drives and optional precision glass scale feedback.  Precision optical rotary encoders are standard. The open design of the F model allows for very large work pieces that can overhang the table on three sides.      The Z-axis can be increased to either 400mm (15.7") or up to 500mm (19.6") as required to accomodate larger workpieces. The unique CHMER automatic wire threader (AWT) is especially suited for these large travel wire machines in that in the event of a wire break in the middle of a large cut the CHMER AWT does not need to go back to the start point, rethread, dry run back to the start, then resume the cut which is typical of most AWTs on the market, thus saving time and money. The T-frame design of the RX series also allows for extra weight capacity versus compound table design as well as space savings - smaller footprint.


Travels (x y z)1000mm x 600mm x 300mm