CHMER G43S Submerged Type

No longer available

CHMER G43S Submerged Type


G43S Mechanical Features 1 Excellent thermal balance and rigid cast construction to ensure the best machining accuracy and durability. U-V axes, with linear guide way for accurate taper cutting. Using direct drive AC servo motors, high precision ball screws on linear guide ways with optional. 0.05mm resolution glass scale, assures precise positioning and fast response to cutting conditions. Mechanical Features 2 Stainless steel 3-sided worktable and brushed stainless work tank for long endurance and least maintenance. U-V axes with up to ±30mm travel for wide taper angles (±21 degree). (Reach Condition:100mm Z-axis height and DA+DB=15mm at least; a set of wide-angle diamond guides and nozzles are required.) Laser Alignment Laser measurement of X,Y and U,V axes. Highest quality super precision linear guide ways, 32mm or 40mm diameter X,Y precision ball screws (depending on model) assures precise positioning, accuracy and long endurance. Ball Bar Test Renishaw ball bar testing used to test and record each machine's X, Y simultaneous movements. This guarantees ideal table squareness and ball screw back lash. (option) Mechanical Features 5 Each EDM undergoes over eight hours of continuous machining to verify correct electronic functions and mechanical accuracy. And it must pass the sample test cut by 1st Cut, 2nd Cut and 3rd Cut that also measured by Mitsutoyo micro-meter and surface tester. For sure both accuracy and surface roughness are qualified to meet the standard.


Travels (x y z)400mm x 300mm x 220mm