Advanced Filters

CHMER offers their high-speed mills for both graphite as well as hard metal milling. They offer the only Dust-Free graphite mill that uses an oil shroud of EDM oil that completely surrounds the high speed spindle, and captures all of the graphite dust in the oil where it is filtered in 30 micro paper filters, then reused. This oil, along with the high-speed spindle are cooled with chillers to maintain the highest accuracy. The spindles are also laser compensated for growth at various RPMs to control growth. Spindle speeds from 30,000 (standard up to 50,000 RPMs are available. 16-position carousel is standard. Tool length compensation is standard. Tool diameter compensation is optional.

These mills are available in two sizes as well as both ball screw drives and full 3-axis linear motor drives. 4 th and 5 th axes are available along with Siemens and Heidenhain CNC controls.

Ball Screw Mills: HM43T, HM65T

Linear Motor Mills: HM4030L and HM6050L