EDMMax SD1000

EDMMax SD1000

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SD-1000 Innovative 4 Side-Open Table User can use the 4 sides of work table of the SD-1000-Cnc. 4 sides are open widely so that you can use a long type or wide type material such as big side press mould or big parts for turbin or ship Optimized for Big Size Mould & Parts SD-1000-Cnc is specifically designed to process big size mould. The work table is low enough so that you can handle a big and heavy material safely by yourself wothout other's help. The important thing is safety and you can work those big size moulds in a real safe way. Best for Drilling Nozzle You can drill this kind of nozzle easily and perfectly with SD-1000-Cnc such as nozzles on the plastic mould those are long and thick.


Travels (x y z) 1050mm x 600mm x 360