CHMER GX+ Series GX430L

CHMER GX+ Series GX430L

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The CHMER GX Series Wire EDMs are their economical linear motor drive models. Utilizing the CHMER built linear flat plate motors on the X & Y axes, in combination with Panasonic drivers and Fagor glass sale feedback - you have a true closed loop CNC control system for high accuracy and long-term reliability.

Unlike ball screw drives, there is no mechanical backlash with a linear motor system. You can wire EDM very round dowel holes, cut very high accuracy parts and achieve very high surface finishes with up to five total passes in the Acu cutting technology.

These compound table design machines are available in four models: GX360SL, GX430SL, GX530SL and GX640SL. All of these are fully submerged and include the best automatic wire threader system in the industry. The CHMER AWT can rethread a broken wire on location, under water and through the narrow kerf in 10 seconds: no draining the work tank, no dry run to start position, no dry run through the kerf, no refilling the tank. Ready to run automatically in 10 seconds!

The GX Series is an economical linear motor Wire EDM with high accuracy and excellent surface finishes.

Installation and On-site Training are included.


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
Travels (XYZ)400 x 300 x 220 mm / 15.7" x 11.8" x 8.7"
Travels (U V):60 x 60 mm / 2.4" x 2.4"
Max. workpiece size: (WDH):725 x 600 x 215 mm / 28.5" x 23.6" x 8.5"
Max. workpiece weight:350 kg / 770 lbs.
Machine weight:2600 kg / 5720 lbs.