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AD5L High Speed Small Hole Drilling EDM Compact Design Single platform design for small footprint enclosed in 1900x2100mm space (75"x83"). Invert High Pressure Water Inverter controlled high pressure pump to increase flush pressure as the hole goes deeper. Ensures constant flush pressure and improve chip removed. Linear Motor Drive Linear Motor Drive with Glass Scales, on X Axis (opt. on Y Axis) to increase positioning speeds and hold better accuracies. Submerged Machining Large capacity submerged work tank to allow for addition of submergible AB tables from various manufactures. All 6 axes are controlled by The Industry PC utilizing AMStech software. Ethernet, USB, Rs232, and MDI input. Invert Spindle Speed Control Invert Spindle for reduced electrode wear and improve accuracy of the small holes. Built in measuring cycles to precisely EDM Blind holes without "backstrikes". Canned Cycles & Programming Various canned cycles can be used such as CHMER and edge find, correction of program during the cut for casting variations, etc. Software for offline programming is also available. Standard Accessories Ceramic Guide 0.5mmx1pcs; 1.0mm x 1pcs Paper Filter 5um x 2pcs Electrode Tube 0.5mm x 10pcs; 1.0mm x 10pcs Work Lamp Rubber Seal ER/20 pcs ER Chuck 10pcs Optional Accessories ATC/AGC 3.0~6.0mm Electrode Linear Motor Drive Y Axis Linear Scale Invert Spindle Water Cooler Indexer View product videos See The Driller In Action


Travels (x y z)500mm x 300mm x 300mm