AMS Tech AH1080

AMS Tech AH1080

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AH1080 High Speed Small Hole Drilling EDM Advanced Design Excellent Performance Ideal for drilling Aerospace, Power Generation and Medical parts 3D Shape machining for Micro EDMing Flexible working range, suitable for all kinds of jet engine turbine blades Optional submersible A and AB indexers from MMK, Yukiwa, and others, allow for full 6 axes positioning and edming. All 6 axes X,Y,Z,W and optional A and B axis, are controlled from the CH MER CNC Control. No extra PLC control box required. Superior Electronic Hardware New 140 Volts High Voltage power supply is standard for improving performance in special alloy like nickle-based material. Optional 25 amp booster for 75 amps total with ER spindle for larger electrodes 3-6.0 mm dia. AEC, AGC DEVICE Automatic Electrode Changer and Auto­matic Guide Changer are optional features that allow for unattended opera­tion and greater productivity. AEC 20 loaded with Electrodes and AGC with 5-10 Guides up to 6" long. *Controller will automatically compensate for depth if an electrode change is required in the middle of the burn. Electrode Stabilizer Automatically stabilizes the electrode by securing it in the middle and moving down as it wears, with the 400 mm electrodes and the optional 600 mm. All XYZ axis use AC Servo Drive + linear guide ways precision encoders (scales opt) All X,Y and Z axes use AC servo drives with Linear guideways that are automati­cally lubricated. Precision rotary encod­ers provide the semi-closed loop feed­back. Linear glass scales are optional. Linear Motor (opt for X,Y axis) Linear motors are optional on the AH 1080 and AH 1260 models with glass scale feedback. Large Water Reservoir Standard 250 liter (65 gallon) reservoir with 2 filters and Deionization system for supplying dielectric. (larger units are available for the AH 1080 and AH 1260 Water Chiller optional An essential hardware function for a precision H5F CNC Controller Conversational Graphic CNC Controller for Easy operation From Automatic edge, center and outside pick up and compensation, to Move commands and Burn commands, including Macro functions, the H5F is simple to program. Standard Accessories Guide Dia.0.5mm & 1.0mm x 1ea Insert Rubber Dia.0.5mm & 1.0mm x 1ea Electrode Brass Tube Dia.0.5 & 1.0mm x 1ea Flushing Pipe Fluid Filtration System x 1 Work Lamp x 1 Remote Control x 1 Single Axis Linear motor (AH1080CL / AH1260CL) Air Fast Connector x 1 Air Pipe x 1 Machine Pad x 1 Tool Box x 1 Digital Water Conductivity Optional Accessories 1,000 RPM ER Spindle x 1 Rotary Table (Yukiwa,/MMK,/LCM) x 1 Generator HV Module x 1 Electrode Tool Holder Set (ER Type) x 1 AEC SYSTEM (Auto Electrode Changer) x 1 AGC SYSTEM (Auto Guide Holder Changer) x 1 Generator 75A current x 1 Water Chiller x 1 Electrode Tool Holder Set (Precision 3 JAWS Type) x 1 X, Y axis Linear motor (AH53C / AH64C) Single Axis Linear Motor (AH1080CL / AH1260CL)


Travels (x y z)1000mm x 800mm x 500mm