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EDMMax 1800W Fast Wire EDM


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EDMMax - Affordable Fast wire solution for most wire EDM applications. These full 4 axis wire EDMs use .007'' diameter molybdenum high tensile wire. That is "reusable". It is cycled back and forth from a capstan continuously, until it is replaced with a new load of wire. One load of molybdenum wire, about 250 meters, will last 25-40 hours at a cost of about $10/load depending on cutting conditions and material type.


The fast wire EDM comes complete with an on-board CAD System, plus you can download programs via USB. It has taper capability +1-3° and dialectic filtration system using disposable paper filters.

  • Fast Wire EDM Cutting in Terrible Flush Conditions

  • Fast Wire EDM

  • AddUp 3D Part Cutoff


Unlike conventional brass wire EDMs, the Fast Wire EDMs are not "flush dependent." They do not require high pressure flush or submerged cutting to reduce wire breakage. Instead, we use an additive to the deionized water that allows the water to adhere to the moly wire, thus allowing it to be drawn through the narrow kerf, to remove the EDM swarf, without breaking the wire! This feature makes it ideal for removing the 3D LPBF (Laser Powder Bed Fusion) printed parts from the build plates. These Fast Wire EDMs will typically cut 2-3 times faster than brass wire EDMs in interrupted conditions.


 EDMMax 433WEDMMax 434WEDMMax 656WEDMMax 1800WEDMMax 1100HW
X 400mm (15.7") 400mm (15.7") 630mm (24.8") 1000mm (39.4") 1100mm (43.3")
Y 320mm (12.6") 320mm (12.6") 500mm (19.7") 800mm (31.5") 1400mm (55.1")
Z - Max Clearance 280mm (11.0") 410mm (16.14") 625mm (24.6") 1050mm (41.3") 1250mm (49.2")
U-V Taper +1-3° +1-3° +1-3° +1-3° N/A
Max Workpiece
Weight 600kg (1320lbs) 600kg (1320lbs) 1000kg (2220lbs) 2000kg (4400lbs) 3000kg (6600lbs)
Resolution .001mm .001mm .001mm .001mm .001mm
X-Y Drives - Panasonic AC Servo Motors Y Axis Panasonic AC Motor
On Board CAD System (x-8 System)
Industrial PC. W/ Mouse
Remote Control
USB Port

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