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Linear Motor Drives

The brand new RQ series, which inherits innovative technology and extreme periormance of Q series, is finely built under the concept of creating high CVP (Customer Value Proposition). Through periect cost control, the extraordinary of RQ series like "the first ever Gantry-Frame", "efficient Linear Motor Drive" and "new energy-saving G7 Power Supply" are able to be presented at fair prices; it favors customers with spending least budget in return for excellent machining experience & benefits.

Global pioneer gantry moving structure design
  • Innovative "No Back Seal Plate" design improves cutting accuracy by eliminating lower arm deflection and more importantly, no back seal plate maintenance required. No more water leakage problem!

  • Advanced compact design-saves space nearly 15% compared to conventional model.

Highly efficient In-House Linear Motor drive system
  • Linear Motors with linear scales make it a complete close loop system. Features like backlash- free, periect accurate positioning as well as long life span are fu lfilled.


New G7 energy saving power supply

Longer durability of electronic components: Latest G7 features lower temperature inside the power supply by utilizing advanced Cool MOSFET transistor to reduce circuit impedance by 40%(compared with G6) .


Axis Travel (XxYxZ mm) 360x250x200 400x250x200 500x300x200 600x400x300
Axis Tra\lel (UxV mm) 60x60 60x60 60x60 100x100
Max. Size of Workpiece (mm)

650x450x200 (Flushing)
650x450x145 (Submerged)

750x450x200 (Flushing)
750x450x180 (Submerged)
850x500x200 (Flushing)
850x500x180 (Submerged)
910x600x300 (Flushing)
910x600x150 (Submerged)
Max. Weight of Workpiece (kg) 350 550 600 1000
XY Feed Rate Max.1800 Max.1800 Max.1800 Max.1800
Axis Drive System (axis) X ' Y axis by Linear Motor ; U ' V ' Z axis by AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Range (Standard) Ø 0.15~0.3(Ø 0.25)(Note :Ø0.1mm optional)
Max. Wire Feed Rate 300 300 300 300
Wire Tension 300-2500 300-2500 300-2500 300-2500
Taper Angle ±14.5 °/80
(wide-angel nozzle' DA+DB=15mm)
±21 °/80
(wide-angel nozzle' DA+DB=15mm)
Outside Dimension (WxDxH mm) 2400x2750x2060 2450x2750x2060 2650x2750x2060 2800x3050x2300
Machine Weight (kg) 2500 2580 2780 4000
Working Fluid Supply Unit
Tark Capacity 700L 760L 930L 1250L
Filter Element Paper Paper Paper Paper
Ion Exchange Resins 14L 14L 20L 20L
Ccnductivity Control Auto Auto Auto Auto
Fluid Temperature Control Auto Auto Auto Auto
Power Supply Unit
Circuit System Power MosFET Transistor
Max. Output Current 25A
IP Select 10
Off Time System 50
CNC Unit
Data Input Keyboard • RS-232C • USB • LAN
Display 15-Inch Color
Control System 32bit • l-CPU • X&Y Closed Loop
Control Axis X • Y • U • V • Z (5 Axis) 6th Axis optional
Setting Unit 0.001mm
Max. Command Value ±9999.999mm
Interpolation Linear/Circular
Ccmmand System ABX/INC
Machining Feed Control Servo/ Const. Feed
Scaling 0.001-9999.999
Machining EDM Codition Memory 1000-9999
Total AC Power Input 3 Phase 220±5%/11KVA

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