Advanced Filters

Designed for wire cutting parts with poor to terrible flush conditions. The fast wire EDMs have been well received by the 3D metal printing industry. These fast wire EDMs can typically cut a populated build plate 3-5 times faster than a conventional wire EDM because the fast wires do not rely on high pressure water, or fully submerged work tanks to achieve

their speeds. Instead the fast moving wire (about 5 meters/second) move the “chips” out of the work area quickly to achieve faster speeds. This fast-moving wire (about 300 meters) is continuously reused as it moves back and forth through the work piece. The consumables wire and filters average about $1.00/hour operating cost. Most of these are full 4-axis wire EDMs so they can also cut shapes, tapers and most everything a conventional wire EDM can cut. Many models include on-board CAD systems as a standard feature.

These are available in these models with larger models being added to handle the larger 3D printers being developed.

EDMMax 433W, 434W, 656W, 818W, 1080W and submerged, horizontal EDMMax 1100HW.

EDMMax 434WW is a pure water model.

Taiwan-built EDMMax FC45HW and FC64HW are horizontal and submerged models that cut the build plate in the inverted position to allow the cut parts to float to the bottom of the work tank for easy retrieval. These FC models use pure water with no additives.