CHMER CNC Series CM3076C (Photo shown with opt. Dual Ram.)

CHMER CNC Series CM3076C (Photo shown with opt. Dual Ram.)

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Extra Large Sinker EDMs - CM3076C

Photo shown with opt. Dual Ram

The CHMER Extra Large CNC Sinker EDMs are all built Gantry-style in order to machine heavy and very large workpieces: from 5500kg (12,100 lbs.) on the CM1475C up to 16,000kg (35,200 lbs.) on the larger CM3076C. All of these large EDMs can also be configured to increase the travels on the X and Z-axes up to 1000mm or larger.

Also, all of these large EDMs can be equipped with a second Ram with its own CNC control and power supply to allow for both Rams to be cutting on the same workpiece, or each Ram cutting its own workpiece independent of the other - like having two EDMs in one! Each Ram can have from 50 up to 300 amps of power.

3R or EROWA C-axes are available as well as 6, 12 or 20 position Auto Electrode Changers are available. Optional B and AB submersible indexers are available.

All CHMER CNC Sinker EDMs come standard with precision glass scales on the X, Y and Z axes.

All CHMER CNC Sinker EDMs include the unique E-code software to make it easy to select various orbit routines from the library to handle most every orbit you can imagine and just add the variable to get to the desired size and finish. Cutting technology is also built in for the various types of electrode materials and workpieces. All conversationally selected.

These affordable priced CHMER large CNC sinkers include on-site setup and operator training as standard.


Travels (X Y Z): 3000 x 750 x 600mm

Table size (W x D): 3100 x 1100mm

Table travel (X, Y): 3000 x 750 x 600mm

Ram travel (Z): 600mm

Distance from RAM platen to worktable: 800 - 1400mm

Max. electrode weight: 500kg

Max. work piece weight: 16,000kg

Machine dimensions: 4520 x 4150 x 3830mm

Machine net weight: 20,000kg


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
ModelCM3076C Extra Large CNC Die Sinker EDM (Photo shown with opt. Dual Ram.)
Travels (XYZ)3000 x 750 x 600mm / 118.1" x 29.5" x 23.6"