CHMER CNC Series CM434C Die Sinker EDM (Compound Table Design)

CHMER CNC Series CM434C Die Sinker EDM (Compound Table Design)

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CM434C CNC Series Sinker EDM Compound Table Design

The CM323C and CM434C are compound table design, full CNC Sinker EDMs. These affordable CNC Sinkers offer optional 3R or EROWA shuttle-type auto electrode tool changers. The 3R or EROWA C-axis is offered only on the CM434C.

The CNC control has 36 operator selectable E-codes to handle the orbit cycles. The operator only needs to add the orbit amount. The E-codes are displayed on the TFT screen during the EDM process.

The cutting technology is also built-in, so the operator selects the electrode material, workpiece type, electrode shape and surface finish and the CNC control selects the cutting technology. This can be edited and saved for future cutting in the operator's library.

Power supplies from 50-300 amps as well as hard metal circuits are available.

On-sire operator training is included.



Table size (WxD): 650 x 400mm (25.6" x 15.7")

Work tank size (WxDxH): 1050 x 630 x 350mm (41.3" x 24.8" x 13.8")

Table travel (X,Y): 400 x 300mm (15.7" x 11.8")

Ram travel (Z): 350mm (13.8")

Distance from RAM platen to worktable:250 - 600mm (9.8" - 23.6")

Max. electrode weight: 100kb (220 lbs.)

Max. workpiece weight: 750kg (1650 lbs.)

Outside dimensions: 1240 x 1380 x 2230mm (48.8" x 54.3" x 87.8")

Weight: 1400kg (3080 lbs.)


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
ModelCM434C CNC Series Die Sinker EDM with Compound Table Design
Travels (x y z)400 x 300 x 350mm / 15.7" x 11.8" x 13.8"