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About EDM Network, Inc.

EDM NETWORK, INC. is the exclusive importer and service support center for CHMER EDMs in the U.S. CHMER EDM is Taiwan’s largest EDM builder producing over 45 different EDM models. EDM Netwok Inc combined with CHMER EDM is the world’s largest selection of affordable EDMs! Chmer manufactures over 135 EDMs per month for worldwide distribution. Wire EDMs, ZNC EDMs, and CNC Sinker EDMs manual and CNC small hole EDMs, CHMER EDM offers the largest selection of new and used EDM machine from EDM Network Inc.


In addition to the new CHMER EDMs, EDM Network Inc also offers a large selection of refurbished EDMs from most EDM manufacturers such as Agie, AMS Tech, Brother, Charmilles, Fanuc, Japax, Mitsubishi and Sodick. As with EDM Network Inc's New EDMs all of our Refurbished EDMs come complete with on site EDM training and full EDM parts and labor warranties.


EDM Network Inc also offers a “consigned EDMs” service to provide a means to market used EDMs directly without our Refurbished service. EDM Network Inc can also locate almost any make or model EDM through our 30,000 + database of EDM users.


EDM Tooling, Consumables like wire guides, carbides, filters and wire are available online or by toll free phone service 888-289-3367 (Buy EDMs)

We specialize in:

  • ♦ Wire EDMs
  • ♦ Linear Motor EDMs
  • ♦ Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ ZNC Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ CNC Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ Linear Motor Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ New CHMER EDMs
  • ♦ Reconditioned EDMs
  • ♦ Specialty EDMs

EDM Network's Team

  • Ron Vogel

    EDM Network, Inc. is owned by Ron Vogel who got his start in machine tools with Andrew Engineering in 1965. Andrew started in their EDM program in 1972 and EDM is all we’ve done since then. EDM Network has manufactured New EDMs, New and Used EDMs, and ran EDM Network's own EDM job shop.

    EDM Network understands the market and the customer’s requirements when purchasing his first or additional EDM. EDM Network prefers to sell the EDM to fit the customer’s application and not necessarily the machine that is ready to ship. Because EDM Network sells to the application, EDM Network maintains a large inventory to address the specific needs, whatever they are: low cost, small footprint, submerged, auto wire threading, etc. EDM Network wants to offer the EDM that fits your application and budget.


    Ron spent thirteen years at Andrew, followed by 14 years with JapaxSodick and Charmilles EDM. For the last 14 years we have focused in providing the best value in both new and refurbished EDMs.


  • Larry McNamee
    Technical Manager

    Larry has over 30 years of EDM experience. He has 10 years of experience operating EDM equipment at Elizabeth Carbide, 13 years of experience at AGIE in service and applications and 8 years of service and support on ChmerCharmilles AndrewJapax, Sodick and Brother EDMs.  


  • Joel Nielsen
    Service & Training Technician

    Joel, a certified electrician, has 26 years in Japax and Sodick service, plus he has cross–trained on ChmerCharmilles, Charmilles Andrew EDMs.

    In addition, Joel is an EDM software trainer on BobCadVectorSodick and Japax EDM programming.


  • Claudia Gaytan
    International Sales/ Office Management (Habla Español)

    Claudia has been with EDM Network since 1999. She is now responsible for all machine deliveries, office management and sales in Mexico, Central and South America. Coming from an Administrative background she is now very conversant in EDM speak! She with the help of our technicians can assist you with your technical questions in Spanish.


  • Darlene Vogel
    Administration and Accounting

    Darlene started in Edm with Andrew Engineering in 1976. She has been involved with the internal operations of EDM Network since it's founding in Nov 1992 handling Accounting, quotations, sales support, and all administrative duties.

  • Alan W. Barbick
    Applications Manager

    Alan's (or Al) EDM career began in the mid-1980's working as a supervisor in Chicago with a silver reclaimer/refiner utilizing a Handsvedt 150B sinker to manufacture coining dies for the company mint. This experience carried him to a local sinker job shop, Scorpio EDM, for 10 years working with ELOX brand and their spin offs before continuing for another 8 years with ultrahard materials (tungsten carbide, CBN, and PCD) manufacturing at Crafts Technology, in the same area, where he gained knowledge and programming (ESPRIT) experience with wire EDM (AGIE, CHMER, and Hitachi), CNC sinker (CHMER) and hole drilling technologies (CHMER). With a move to the Tampa, FL, Alan worked in the EDM department for American Tool and Mold with their Charmilles machines for 2 years before moving on as an aerospace/energy EDM support contractor for the last 3 years for Belcan Engineering at South Carolina and Mexico UTAS locations, all before ending up at EDM Network bringing him back to "Sweet Home Chicago".

  • Mike Reid
    Service & Training Technician

    Received B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1985. Since then has provided Service, Application, Installation and Training on the following: Chmer wire and sinker EDM, Chmer milling machines, Makino wire and sinker EDM, Makino vertical and horizontal Milling machines, Sodick wire and sinker EDM, and Ona sinker EDMs. He has also taught various cam software, Operation and Maintenance classes and high speed hard milling classes as well as being a Progressive stamping die designer.

  • John Manzella
    General Manager of the San Carlos operation
  • Samantha Gavril
    Parts Department Manager

  • Sergio Altamirano
    Services Manager