AW4E AW Series High Precision Wire EDM

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AW4E AW Series High Precision Wire EDM


The CHMER AW Series Linear Motor High Precision Wire EDMs are built onto a solid T-frame casing for rigidity and precision. The larger models, AW8L and larger, are a fixed table design to allow for heavier workpieces: 3000 - 5000 kg /6600 - 11,000 lbs. Using their own linear motors and Panasonic drivers with precision Fagor glass scales for true positioning, assures optimal accuracy and super fine finishes. Six-pass cutting technology is standard.

These super high precision Wire EDMs are available in eight models from 370 x 270 x 260 mm / 14.6" x 10.6" x 10.2" up to 1500 x 1000 x 350 mm / 59.1" x 39.4" x 13.8". Larger Z-axis stroke is optional.

Equipped with the best AWT in the EDM industry that can rethread a broken wire on location, under water and through the kerf in 10 seconds - reliably! Only five moving pieces makes maintenance very low and reliability very high. The AW Series offers the largest selection of super high precision wire EDMs especially in the larger format models.

Precision, reliability and affordably priced!

Installation and Training is included.


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
X, Y axis travel400 x 300mm
U, V, Z axis travelmm 100x100x260
Max. size of workpiece750 x 550 x 255mm
Max. work piece weight500kg
Outside dimension (wxdxh)2850 x 2600 x 2220mm
Machine weight4700 + 900kg
Max. size of work piece750 x 550 x 255mm
Max. x, y rapid traverseMax. 800mm/min.
Axis drive systemAxis AC Servo Motor
Wire diameter range(standard)0.15-0.3 (0.25)mm
Max. wire feed rate300mm/sec.
Wire tension300-2500gf
Taper angle±21°/110mm (Wide Angle Nozzle DA+DB=15mm)
Outside dimension(wxdxh)2850 x 2600 x 2220mm