CHMER RV653L High Precision Wire EDM

No longer available

CHMER RV653L High Precision Wire EDM


The new RV Series of High Precision Wire EDMs was developed to incorporate CHMER's long experience in Linear Motor Precision to larger format Wire EDMs. Instead of a compound table or T-frame design, the RV Gantry style design was utilized to allow cutting large and heavy workpieces with Linear motor precision. Utilizing precision Panasonic motor drives, Fagor glass scales and CHMER developed linear motors, cutting accuracies of 3-10 um are possible even in heavy workpieces. No ball screw backlash, no mechanical vibration, plus high response times ensure high precision and excellent surface finishes, even in large and heavy workpieces. Workpiece weight capacities are 3000 - 5000 kg / 6600 - 11,000 lbs.

Also, using their new i8 Power Supply, cutting speeds in thicker materials 150 mm / 6" and up are increased 15-20%. 6-axis CNC controls are standard.

Featuring the best AWT in the EDM market that can rethread a broken wire on location, under water and through the kerf in 10 seconds! Plus, with an optional programmable drop font door, this is a true automation-ready large format wire EDM.

Installation and On-site Training are included.


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
Travels (x y z)600mm x 500mm x 300mm