2009 CHMER CM865C +150N CNC

2009 CHMER CM865C +150N CNC

$79,500 Includes Install & Training and Warranty

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CM865C Large CNC Series Sinker EDM (Refurbished)

The CM655C/865C/1065C/1265C are all Gantry-style large CNC Sinkers. These utilize AC Servo motor drives and Fagor precision glass scales for true closed loop positioning on all three axes. These large EDMs can handle workpiece weights from 3000 kg (CM655C) up to 7500kg (CM1265C), and heavy electrodes of 300kg. Heavier electrode weight is available.

These are all conversational so the operator can select the E-code for his desired orbit from the 36 available options. Then input his variable and see it displayed on the TFT during the EDM cutting.

Cutting technology is also easily selected by inputting the electrode type, the workpiece material, electrode shape and surface finish. The CNC control selects the recommended cutting technology from rough to final finish. This technology can be edited and saved to the operator's library.

Unit Includes:

150 amps

3R C-axis

3R Macro Chuck Automatic

Shuttle 6-position Tool Changer

Fast Fill Pump

Auto Fill & Drain

On-site Training and six (6) month Warranty.


Table size (WxD): 1200 × 800mm (47.2"× 31.5")

Work tank size (WxDxH): 1600 × 1000 × 550mm (63" × 39.4" × 21.7")

Table travel (X,Y): 800 × 600mm (31.5" ×23.6")

Ram travel (Z): 500mm (19.7")

Distance from RAM platen to worktable: 290 - 790mm (11.4" - 31.1")

Max. electrode weight: 300mm (660 lbs.)

Max. workpiece weight: 4000 kg (8800 lbs.)

Outside dimensions: 2200 × 2400 × 2860mm (86.6" × 94.4" × 112.5")

Weight: 5800kg (12,760 lbs.)


ManufacturerCHMER EDM of Taiwan
ModelCM865C + 150N CNC Sinker (Refurbished)
Travels (x y z)800 x 600 x 500mm / 31.5" x 23.6" x 19.7"