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EDMMax SD750 Super Driller

The SD Drillers are all built on top of a precision granite table for stability and accuracy. These EDM drillers are Gantry-style so that the workpiece remains fixed, and the electrode moves in the X, Y and Z. This allows for very heavy workpieces. The X, Y and Z drives are Panasonic AC servo motors with rotary encoder feedback. The CNC Controller is a standard PC in Windows, and the Power Supply is 60 amps to allow for drilling up to 6.0mm. A larger 100-amp power supply is available. CE safety is standard.

Auto Electrode Changer is standard from 11-32 positions depending on the model.

Auto Guide Changer is also standard equipment.

Optional B-axis and AB-axis indexers are available as are robot interfaces for automation.

  • Electrode lengths are 400, 600 and 700mm
  • Electrode stabilizers are included as standard.


ManufacturerHANKOOK NSD of South Korea
Travels (X Y):750 x 450 mm / 27.5" x 17.7"
W-electrode travel:700 mm / 27.6"
Z-guide travel:360 mm / 14.2"
Max. workpiece size:1140 x 580 mm / 45" x 22.8"
Max. workpiece weight:500 kg / 1100 lbs.
Dist. from worktable to guide:90 - 452 mm / 3.6" - 17.8"
Outside dimensions (WxDxH):1910 x 1980 x 2300 mm / 76" x 79" x 90.5"