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About EDM Network, Inc.

EDM NETWORK, INC. is the exclusive importer and service support center for CHMER EDMs in the U.S. CHMER EDM is Taiwan’s largest EDM builder producing over 45 different EDM models. EDM Network Inc combined with CHMER EDM is the world’s largest selection of affordable EDMs! CHMER manufacturers over 135 EDMs per month for worldwide distribution. Wire EDMs, ZNC EDMs, and CNC Sinker EDMs manual and CNC small hole EDMs, CHMER EDM offers the largest selection from EDM Network Inc.


In addition to the new CHMER EDMs, EDM Network Inc also offers a large selection of refurbished EDMs from most EDM manufactures such as Agie, Brother, Charmilles, Fanuc, Japax, Mitsubishi and Sodick. As with EDM Network Inc's New EDMs all of our Refurbished EDMs come complete with on site EDM training and full EDM parts and labor warranties.


EDM Network Inc also offers a “consigned EDMs” service to provide a means to market used EDMs directly without our Refurbished service. EDM Network Inc can also locate almost any make or model EDM through our 30,000 + database of EDM users.


EDM Tooling, Consumables like wire guides, carbides, filters and wire are available online or by toll free phone service 888-289-3367 (Buy EDMs)

We specialize in:

  • ♦ Wire EDMs
  • ♦ Linear Motor EDMs
  • ♦ Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ ZNC Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ CNC Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ Linear Motor Sinker EDMs
  • ♦ CNC Drilling Series
  • ♦ Small Hole ZNC Drilling
  • ♦ High Speed Mills
  • ♦ New CHMER EDMs
  • ♦ Reconditioned EDMs
  • ♦ Specialty EDMs