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Linear Motor EDMs

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EDM Network products are known for our quality. We supply Linear Motor EDMs and accessories for many different EDM jobs. We also have warranties for our Linear Motor EDM if needed because we believe in our quality products 100%.


Don’t see a certain Linear Motor EDM you are looking for? Give us a call and let us know! We’d be happy to help you find the product you need!


We at EDM Network, Inc. are interested in forming lasting relationships with our customers through trust and providing quality products. Our customers matter to us, and we strive for the best customer service and continued top-rated support. We look forward to working with you on all of your EDM machine needs and hope that we can form a lasting relationship that thrives on quality and dependability.


The cost for our warranty and post warranty is significantly lower than the competition due to our personal circuit board and electronic repair.


Additional warranty is available

Linear Motor EDMs

Linear Motor EDMsWhen you are looking for a linear motor EDM, EDM Network has you covered. Each new or refurbished linear motor EDM that we sell has been made for precision fabrication and production. From large work areas to small projects, we carry a many different sizes of linear motor EDMs to suit your needs.

As long as the work piece can be negatively charged, and the electrode can be positively charge, a linear motor EDM is capable of operating on an X, Y, or Z axis, The linear motor EDM’s main electrode and the work piece will have dielectric fluid in between them, which will become ionized and vaporize or melt the material as needed. If you have any further questions about linear motor EDMs, you can call us at 888-289-3367 or visit our contact us page.

Multi-Axis Linear Motor EDMs

The simple cutting of some linear motor EDMs are more limited due to the fact that the cutting area is simply punches made in the material. The multi-axis capabilities of other linear motor EDMs give you the ability to add tapers along any edge, or add shape to the material that is being cut.

These multi-axis linear motor EDMs can greatly increase the speed and efficiency of a production. This is partly due to the fact that a programmable linear motor EDM will make an identical cut each and every time, perfectly cutting your products while completely eliminating the possibility of human error. A skim or rough cut is also doable with a linear motor EDM, if you work it by hand, which allows for the voltage to be lowered for a finer finish from the laser cut.

If you would like to learn more about our various models of new and refurbished linear motor EDMs, you can contact our experts through our Contact Us page. Or you can call us at 888-289-3367 and we’ll help you determine which EDM is right for you.

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