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We offer an all inclusive EDM warranty on affordable EDM machines that covers parts and labor. We warranty the entire EDM Machine system, not just the parts that we added or worked on. We also provide a standard labor parts warranty on our fully reconditioned and New EDM machines.

If there is a problem with an EDM machine that develops after the warranty period that we should have caught and corrected, we will repair it under our standard warranty at no cost to the customer.

Additional warranty is available

High Speed Milling EDM

The manufacturing industry has increasingly changed over the years. There are different processes used but most mold making involves CNC machining. EDM’s, otherwise known as Electrical Discharge Machining use electrode to pass an electrical current. High Speed Milling EDM involves cutting and drilling for the use of different machines.

EDM Network, Inc. is the importer and support center for high precision EDMs. We offer a large selection of refurbished EDMs. We offer onsite training and a full warranty on parts and labor. If you’re in need of a High Speed Milling EDM, call us at 888-289-3367 or fill out the form on this page and we can discuss what your needs are.

Benefits of High Speed Milling

High Speed Milling EDM has many benefits. First and foremost, using High Speed Milling EDM will reduce your overall costs. When using these machines, you’re using less raw material and the job is being done faster which in return means your labor costs are down. Whenever there is a computer-controlled machine, there’s an increased efficiency as human error isn’t a problem.

EDM machining is great for cutting precisely. Sharp inside corners can be hard to reach but by using High Speed Milling EDM, you can reach those hard to reach places. The lasers from the machines are able to get into areas that regular tooling wouldn’t. Another advantage includes the ease for operators or programmers to rotate the tool axis. The use of CAM software helps achieve the right uses for EDM machines.

The Experts Know How to Help

EDM Network, Inc. has been in business for decades and knows exactly how to help with your machining needs. We offer financing to help you with the costs of owning a High Speed Milling EDM. Give us a call at 888-289-3367 or fill out the form on this page and we’ll be happy to help you decide what machines you need.