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EDM MAX SD-510-Cnc


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    • Affordable Price like a Manual Model

The SD-510-Cnc's most attractive point is its affordable price.

The price is almost like a manual model, but the performance is almost like a CNC model.

You will never regret if you buy SD-510-Cnc.

Best performance, best price.


    • Three Pumps for Each Purpose and Auto Conductivity Control

3 phase power is much effective than 2 phase power. The SD-510-Cnc's main pump has a strong 3 phase powered motor.

Also This model has two more pumps for each purpose. One is for the second filter and the other is for Ion Exchange Resin.

This small EDM driller has even its own conductivity sensor and run the Ion pump automatically to keep conductivity.


    • SD's CNC Technologies are included.

The SD-510-Cnc is very unique.

This is an NC EDM Driller, but it is more than NC. There are full CNC drilling performance of NSD's full auto machine except for ATC and AGC in this machine because this machine is real "computer-based". X,Y, and Z axis(head) are controlled by computer.

You can load DXF FIles or NC programs directly, You can control EP Technologies in detail, It checks the electrode consumption and compensate parameters automatically. This is very important to make sure to penetrate holes.

Even it can control hole depth or drill blind holes. You can finish all process by program


Tables (X x Y)

510mm x 700mm

20.0" x 11.8"

W - Electrode Travel



Z - Guide Travel


9.8" (Manual)

Maximum Work Piece Size

510mm x 300mm

20.0" x 11.8"

Maximum Distance Table to Guide

25mm - 275mm

.9" - 10.7"

Work Piece Weight


220 lbs.

Electrode Diameter

.3mm - 3.0mm


Maximum Electrode Length



Machine Dimensions

1708 x 1480 x 2200

68" x 59" x 86.6"

Machine Weight


1980 lbs.

Power Supply 30A
Automatic Electrode Charger (AEC) N/A
Automatic Guide Changer (AGC) N/A
Work Tank Size

130 liters

34 gal.

Power Input 220/3/60 5kVA

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