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CHMER RV Linear Motor Wire EDMs

CHMER RV Linear Motor Wire EDMs

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Linear Motor

The whole series is equipped with th e self-made linear motor for no friction, no backlash, no conversion loss, no vibration, high response and longer life. 

High Rigid Moving Column

The best and rigid design by FEA (Finite Element Analysis).  3 large span linear guideways with a fixed table for heavy loads. Ensuring high accuracy as a small sized machine.

i8 High Speed Power Supply

Higher speed, more stable and energy-efficient. Exceptional machining efficiency and cost competition especially for very thick workpieces.

The Newest Generation AWT System

With the rich experience in automation and technology, CHMER presents the perfect AWT system. 

  • Concise and reliable design for easier maintenance, lowering the cost of repairs.

  • Unique "EC tension control technology" for nearly 100% successful threading rate to achieve unmanned operation.

  • Threading in the break point, under water, no need to return back to the start point and waste time in drain­ing and refilling water.

  • Setting the threading mode according to the cutting condition for continuous machining.

  • With the threading assistant device (Opt.), threading for high thickness workpiece is no longer troublesome.

  • Automatic water level control for multiple cutting missions of different thicknesses to increase production efficiency.

  • Easily and precisely threading in the holes of stepped workpiece.

  • Impeccable fast and steady threading in multiple holes.

High Energy-Efficient Dielectric System

Partitioned tank design to increase the filters life and provide cleaner machining liquid for high speed cutting and better finish without wire breakage.


Axis Travel (XxYxZ mm) 700x450x300mm 800x500x300mm 800x500x500mm 1000x600x500mm 1200x800x500mm (opt 600x800)
Axis Travel (UxV mm) 150x150 150x150 150x150 160x160 160x160
Max. Size of Workpiece (mm) 1100x750x295 1200x800x295 1200x800x495 1240x900x495 1440x1100x495
(opt 595x795)
Max. Weight of Workpiece (kg) 3000 3000 3000 5000 5000
XY Feed Rate Max.1500 Max.1500 Max.1500 Max.1500 Max.1500
Axis Drive System (axis) X ' Y axis by Linear Motor ; U ' V ' Z axis by AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Range (Standard) 0.15-0.3(Ø 0.25) 0.15-0.3(Ø 0.25) 0.15-0.3(Ø 0.25) 0.15-0.3(Ø 0.25) 0.15-0.3(Ø 0.25)
Max. Wire Feed Rate (mm/sec.) 300 300 300 300 300
Wire Tension (gf) 300-2500 300-2500 300-2500 300-2500 300-2500
Taper Angle ±21 °/150mm
(wide-angel nozzle' DA+DB=15mm)
Appearance Configuration (WxDxH mm) 3730x3000x2200 3820x3000x2200 3819x3300x2800 4235x4000x2800 4650X4000X2250
Machine Weight (kg) 7800 8000 8200 15000
Working Fluid Supply Unit
Tark Capacity 1400L 2250L 2600L 3000L
Filter Element Paper Paper Paper Paper
Ion Exchange Resins 30L*2 30L*2 30L*2 30L*2
Conductivity Control Auto Auto Auto Auto
Fluid Temperature Control Auto Auto Auto Auto
Power Supply Unit
Circuit System Power MosFET Transistor
Max. Output Current 25A
CNC Unit
Data Input Keyboard • RS-232 • USB • LAN
Display 19-Inch Color
Control System 32bit • l-CPU • X&Y Closed Loop
Control Axis X • Y • U • V • Z (5 Axis) 6th Axis optional
Setting Unit 0.001mm
Max. Command Value ±9999.999mm
Interpolation Linear/Circular
Ccmmand System ABX/INC
Machining Feed Control Servo/ Const. Feed
Scaling 0.001-9999.999
Machining EDM Codition Memory 1000-9999
Total AC Power Input 3 Phase 220±5%/20KVA

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