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CHMER GX+ Series GX430L+


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Universal Linear Drive Wire Cut EDM

The GX+ Series provides the newest technology with CHMER Linear Motors, Power & Servo stabilizer, Energy Saving, 5th Generation AWT and W5F Controller, Inverter Type Water Chiller.

  • CHMER-built Linear Motor Precision with High resolution drivers and glass scales on X & Y axis
  • Precision glass scales provide closed loop accuracy
  • Energy savings versus previous model
  • 5th Generation AWT and Newest W5F Controller
Axis Travel (X×Y×Z) mm 400×300×220
Axis Travel (U×V) mm 60×60
Max. Size of Workpiece mm W725×D600×H215
Max. Weight of Workpiece kg 350
X Y Feed Rate mm/min Max. 1500
Axis Drive System -- X,Y axis by linear Motor; U,V,Z axis by AC Servo Motor
Wire Diameter Range (Standard) mm Φ0.15-0.3 (Φ0.25) (Note: Φ0.10mm optional)
Max. Wire Feed Rate mm/sec 300
Wire Tension gf 300-2500
Taper Angle mm ±14.5°/80mm (wide-angled nozzle, DA+DB=15mm)
Machine Weight kg 2600
Working Fluid Supply Unit
Tank Capacity 650L
Filter Element Paper
Ion Exchange Resins 14L
Conductivity Control Auto
Fluid Temperature Control Auto
Power Supply Unit
Circuit System Power MOSFET Transistor
Max. Output Current 25A
IP Select 10
Off Time System 50
CNC Unit
Date Input Keyboard - RS232C - USB - LAN
Display 15-inch Color
Control System 32bit - 1-CPU - X&Y Closed Loop
Control Axis X - Y - U - V - Z (5 Axis) + 6th axis optional
Setting Unit 0.001 mm
Max. Command Value ±9999.999 mm
Interpolation Linear/Circular
Command System ABS/INC
Machining Feed Control Servo/Const. Feed
Scaling 0.001-9999.999
Machining EDM Condition Memory 1000-9999
Total AC Power Input 3 Phase 220 ±5%/11KVA

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