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CNC Series
The first ISO 9002 approved & recognized EDM manufacturer in Taiwan.
Friendly operation with quick start manual to shorten the operator training hours and increase operator efficiency.

Machine Features
  • The machine structure is desgined by advanced CAD system to ensure to deformation-free performance and high accuracy machining.
  • Table surface is hardened to high hardness by high frequency heat treatment for maximum wear resistance.
  • Precision ball screws on X,Y,Z-axis provide smooth transmission and high accuracy traverse.
  • The machine structure is manufactured from high qulity cast iron (FC30), seasoning treated and tempered to relieve stress. THis assured high rigidity, deformation-free and dependable machining accuracy.
  • The spindle feed on linear motion guides to ensure long term accuracy and durability.
  • The machine structure is designed via computer analysis to anti-pull, anti-press and anti-stress, ensure machining accuracy.
Complete Functions Easy Operation
  • Closed-loop linear scales feed back on X,Y and Z, axes for precise positioning and cutting accuracy.
Operation Interface
  • Friendly operation with quick start manual to shorten the operator training hours and increase operator efficiency.
  • Stable, cast construction.
  • Dialog control system.
  • High precision ballscrews on X,Y,Z.
  • Linear guideways X,Y,Z.
  • Anti-arc circuitry.
Table size (WxD) mm/inch 500x350/19.7x13.8
Work tank size(WxDxH) mm/inch 820x500x300/32.3x19.7x11.8
Table travel (X,Y) mm/inch 300x200/11.8x7.9
Ram travel (Z1) mm/inch 300/11.8
Distance from RAM platen to work table mm/inch 250~550/9.8~21.7
Max. electrode weight kg/lb 60/132
Max. workpiece weight kg/lb 500/1100
Outside dimensions mm/inch 1200x1350x2250/47.2x53.1x88.5
Weight kg/lb 1000/2200
For Dielectric - D323
Power Supply Unit
Max. machining current A 50 75 - -
Max. power input KVA 4 5 - -
Max. machining speed mm3/min 350 550 - -
Electrode wear rate % 0.2 0.2 - -
Best surface roughness μm/Ra 0.25 0.25 - -
Outside dimensions mm 620×850×1860 620×850×1860 - -
Weight kg/lb 180/396 220/484 - -
Volume L 280
Filter method Paper filter
Pump Power HP×set 0.5
Weight kg Buit in
Outside dimensions mm Buit in

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