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AMS Tech AW5SL - Linear Drive


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Linear motor drive system features free backlash, consistent precision and long term reliability. AMS applied this cutting edge technology and build the linear motor system on the rigid casting base of AW series Wire EDM to enable the superiority on part's profile, surface quality and fewer skim cut required.

Linear motor drives with precision flass scales provide fully closed loop system for high accuracy positioning and part shape definition versus ball screw drives. Quick response, low vibration and virtually zero backlash results in better accuracy and finish with fewer passes.

X,Y Travel

560 x 360 (mm)

22 x 14.2 (inch)
U,V,Z Travel
100 x 100 x 300 (mm)
3.9 x 3.9 x 11.8 (inch)
Max. Size of Work-Piece
L950 x W650 x H300 (mm)
37.4 x 25.6 x 11.8 (inch)
Max. Weght of Work-Piece
500 Kg
1100 lb
Max. X, Y Rapid Traverse
800 mm/min
31.5 in/min
Motot Drive System
AC Servo Motor/Linear Motor (OPT.) 
17bit/130000 pulse
Wire Diameters
¢0.15~0.3 (mm)
0.004~0.012 (inch)
Max. Wire Feed
300 mm/sec.
11.8 in/sec
Wire Tension
200~2500 (gf)
0.44~5.52 lb
Taper Angle
±21°/100 mm (DA+DB=15mm)

±21°/4.33 inch
Layout (W x D x H)
2675 x 2717 x 2125 (mm)
105.3 x 107 x 83.7 (inch)
N. W. (Incl.Power Supply)
5200 Kg +320Kg
11464+705 lb

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